Will campaign donors switch back to Tiahrt from Pompeo?

money-bag“Want to see a nasty GOP House primary? Oh, it’s just getting started in Kansas,” observed the Washington Post in reporting the news of former Rep. Todd Tiahrt’s decision to challenge his successor, Rep. Mike Pompeo, R-Wichita. Among the fascinating questions about this two-month sprint will be whether Tiahrt comes up with the cash to rival Pompeo’s $2.1 million (as of March 31), and whether donors who shifted from Tiahrt to Pompeo will shift back or just back both. For example, OpenSecrets.org lists Koch Industries as the top contributor to both, crediting individuals and PACs connected to the Wichita-based company with more than $328,000 in donations to Tiahrt (1993-2010) and more than $239,000 to Pompeo (since 2010). Textron, which owns Cessna and now also Beechcraft, is third on both men’s lists. One big change for Tiahrt: His second-biggest source of contributions over his congressional career, Boeing, has nearly finished closing its Wichita site.