So they said

dolemug“Well, I’m from the old school where I thought marriage was between a man and a woman. But again, I’m a tolerant person, so I’ll go along with the flow.” – former Kansas Sen. Bob Dole (in photo), telling Politico he isn’t troubled by how the nation is changing regarding same-sex marriage

“Kansas has three great things going for it. First of all, it has a great governor – we all agree with that. Secondly, it has a great tax policy. And thirdly and most important, Missouri has an idiot for a governor.” – Rex Sinquefield, Missouri political donor and retired investment executive, speaking recently at a Heritage Foundation forum in Washington, D.C.

“Sometimes the best legislation that we get done is the legislation that we don’t get passed.” – Sen. Jeff Longbine, R-Emporia, about the defeat of a bill to eliminate conservation easements