Moran made emotional VA plea shortly before dad’s death

morannewCondolences to Sen. Jerry Moran, R-Kan., whose father, 98-year-old Ray Moran of Plainville, died Friday. A day earlier the senator had mentioned his father – who had served as an Army staff sergeant in North Africa and Italy in World War II and later worked for Skelly Oil Co. for 32 years – during an emotional plea on the Senate floor for a bipartisan solution to the problems at the Department of Veterans Affairs. “We are called upon as American citizens, certainly as members of the United States Senate, to do all the things that we can do to demonstrate that we thank our veterans for their service, we respect them, and we love them. The Senate needs to rise to the occasion and not let the partisan politics of this place and this country divide us in a way in which we only symbolically respond but the end result is that we failed those who served and we failed our veterans who depend upon us just as we’ve depended upon them for their service to our country,” Moran concluded. The funeral and burial service for Ray Moran will be held Tuesday in Plainville.