Kobach likens moonlighting time to golf

kobach2Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach is nationally known for his crusading legal work fighting illegal immigration. The question is how much time he spends on such moonlighting, which is why GOP challenger Scott Morgan demanded last week that Kobach release his income tax records. “You can’t have two professional jobs any more than you can have two spouses,” Morgan, a Lawrence attorney and businessman, told the Associated Press. Kobach said his private legal work this year has averaged 4.9 hours a week. “Playing golf as slow as I do, that’s one round of golf,” he said. But Democratic challenger Jean Schodorf tweeted: “Sec Kobach says that he has worked over 100 hours on his agenda in 2014. That’s nearly 3 weeks of full time work.” Outside the job description of his $86,000-a-year job as secretary of state, of course, Kobach also has been in the middle of contentious Kansas lawmaking on guns, Obamacare and the lesser prairie chicken.