Colyer an eyewitness to South Sudan’s growing crisis

colyerIn a sobering commentary in the Kansas City Star, physician and Lt. Gov. Jeff Colyer likened a difficult breech birth at an International Medical Corps clinic in South Sudan to the crisis of violence, famine and disease facing the new nation. The young woman had walked for miles after going into labor and before finding a ride and help at the clinic, but she and her 4-pound daughter survived, wrote Colyer, who recently spent two weeks in South Sudan. “Aside from recognizing the enormity of the potential calamity that awaits South Sudan and encouraging the peace process, important concrete steps are also needed,” he wrote. “These include: creating humanitarian corridors to ship more supplies to hard-hit areas, allowing U.N. forces to patrol cities like Malakal until local security is adequate so that humanitarian groups can effectively carry out their work, and allocating funds already committed to South Sudan by the international community next year for use this summer to ward off the looming threat of famine.”