Calling 911 shouldn’t mean being put on hold

phonedialingBecause Sedgwick County can’t predict when the average 1,400 calls a day will come in to the 911 center, it’s not surprising that dispatchers sometimes are all busy. But even if a two-minute wait is unavoidable at times, such delays should not be treated as acceptable by county officials. And as officials work to avoid queuing up 911 callers, residents should think again about whether that 911 call is really necessary. It’s nuts that, as Kim Pennington, director of Sedgwick County 911, told The Eagle, “We have people calling us to get the phone number for the jail, people calling us about what time they have to go to court, calling us asking us when it’s going to quit raining. We had a lady three weeks ago in Derby call because McDonald’s didn’t make her double cheeseburger correctly.”