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Gabel group succeeds in getting negative attention

gabelKansans for Liberty wasn’t very successful in recruiting candidates to run against “pretend Republicans” in the GOP primary in August. But the tea party group spearheaded by Craig Gabel (in photo) of Wichita was successful at getting negative attention. Articles and editorials appeared in state newspapers on how the group was targeting moderate GOP state lawmakers who didn’t vote the way it wanted on issues such as education standards, guns and renewable energy. A Hutchinson News editorial said that “Kansans for Liberty apparently can’t stand the idea that a handful of Kansas lawmakers exists who won’t fall in lockstep with its ideal Kansas, where everyone thinks, acts and behaves exactly the same.” A Garden City Telegram editorial said that “any Statehouse candidates interested in pitching Kansans for Liberty’s radical agenda cannot be taken seriously.”

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Kansas’ reliance on coal power could cost it

coalplantholcombOf the 50 states, Kansas generates the 11th-highest percentage of its electricity from coal, or 63 percent as of March, according to the Washington Post. As a result, Kansas could be affected more than most states by proposed Environmental Protection Agency rules limiting carbon output from existing coal-fired power plants. West Virginia has the highest reliance on coal, at 95 percent; Idaho has the lowest reliance, at zero percent (78 percent of its electricity comes from hydroelectric power). Nineteen states get more than half their electricity from coal-fired plants. According to the EPA proposal, Kansas’ goal would be to cut emissions 23 percent by 2030.