Kobach fires back at conflict-of-interest criticism

kobach2Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach fired back at criticism that he misused his public office for personal gain in championing a state law last year that says firearms that are made in Kansas and remain in Kansas are free from federal regulation. Kobach co-wrote the Second Amendment Protection Act and testified in support of it. The law took effect in April 2013, and in August 2013, Kobach filed articles of incorporation for Minuteman Defense LLC, a Kansas company hoping to manufacture firearms. Kobach’s financial disclosure form lists him as a shareholder in Minuteman Defense. Kobach argues that there was no conflict of interest or other impropriety. “I had no idea in March that I’d get the opportunity to help a new Kansas gun company get off the ground later in the year,” he wrote in a commentary in the Hutchinson News.