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Big spenders didn’t prevail on renewable energy standards

turbinewindmillSupporters of renewable energy standards were outspent about 10-to-1 during this past legislative session, yet they were able to fend off six attempts to remove the standards, the Topeka Capital-Journal reported. Three groups backing the standards spent $62,040, according to a new report by the Kansas Governmental Ethics Commission. In comparison, two groups that opposed the standards – the Koch brothers-backed Americans for Prosperity and the Kansas Senior Consumer Alliance (which has ties to AFP) – spent $386,853 and $40,470, respectively, mostly on mass media advertising.

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Sheriff’s Office wise to pull out of training session

Good for the Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Office for pulling out as a sponsor of an anti-terrorism training session this week. The training is being conducted by John Guandolo, who resigned from the FBI after it was revealed that he had a sexual relationship with a confidential source. He has since made wild claims about the Obama administration, including that CIA Director John Brennan is a secret Muslim who was recruited by foreign intelligence agents. Muslims were understandably concerned about Guandolo training law enforcement officers.