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Roy lived a full life of service

billroyBill Roy, who died early Monday at the age of 88, lived a full life of service. Roy served in the U.S. Air Force, as a Topeka physician (he delivered more than 8,000 babies), as a member of Congress, and as a community volunteer and devoted family man. Roy also wrote newspaper commentaries, some of which appeared in The Eagle. His last commentary in The Eagle was published April 20, 2013, and was about Jackie Robinson and the movie “42.” Roy wrote that “black athletes and musicians helped remove the blinders on white Americans’ eyes and let us see the scholars, scientists and leaders whose released talents make us a stronger nation today.” Roy’s talents made Kansas stronger. As Gov. Sam Brownback noted in a statement about Roy: “He served the people of Kansas proudly and well.”

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Looming election complicates city’s sales tax discussion

brewer,carlIt would be hard enough in any year to persuade Wichita voters to raise the local sales tax for any reason. But as the City Council sifts through the items that might be funded by such revenue, its deliberations are complicated by the calendar. Mayor Carl Brewer (in photo), who is term-limited, is cast in the role of lame duck. Behind the scenes, as well as on the bench, there is jockeying over who might run next spring to succeed him. Council members surely realize that a united front is their best hope of persuading voters this fall of the necessity of raising the sales tax to address some of the priorities, and that a failed ballot question would have political as well as fiscal consequences.

Dubious, bogus and utterly phony headlines

SPOOFSLOGOThe following satirical headlines come from borowitzreport.com and theonion.com:

Congress Reluctant to Cut Funding for Tank That Just Spins Around and Self-Destructs

GOP: Evil Mastermind Behind Benghazi Is Frail Old Woman With Brain Damage

Conservatives Praise Antarctic Ice Sheet Melt as Beautiful Expression of Free Market

Study: Average American Now Requires 3 Attempts to Get Up From Seated Position

Man Only Buys Products Made Right Here in the USA by Cheap Immigrant Labor

Three Sports Scientists Killed Attempting to Harness X Factor