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Open thread (May 25)


Voters have until July 1 to switch parties

Recall ElectionLast week Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach reminded wannabe candidates for national, state, county and township offices that they must file by noon June 2 for the upcoming elections (though independent candidates have until noon Aug. 4 to file by petition). “Kansans who wish to serve their community by running for elective office need to be aware of this important deadline,” Kobach said in a statement. This year there’s another key date for Kansas voters – July 1, which is the newly accelerated deadline for changing party affiliation in advance of the Aug. 5 primary. In future election years, the party-switching cutoff will be even earlier, June 1. The deadline to register to vote is July 15 (don’t forget your proof of citizenship). Unaffiliated voters can still pick a party on primary day.

Keeper of the Plains looking great at 40

keeperbridgeA powwow aptly marked this month’s 40th anniversary of the Keeper of the Plains, the 44-foot Cor-Ten steel sculpture that was designed by Blackbear Bosin and dedicated on May 18, 1974. Bosin, a Kiowa-Comanche painter, made the Keeper a gift to the city. Given that it’s become the most treasured and identifiable symbol of Wichita, it’s hard to believe now that it cost just $28,000 to fabricate and install at the confluence of the Arkansas and Little Arkansas rivers. The dissent seven years ago over its updated surroundings, including its dramatic suspension bridges and “ring of fire,” has subsided, thankfully, with the Keeper’s plaza having become a favorite spot for visitors and locals alike. “It has conveyed everything I wanted to say,” Bosin once said. And 40 years later, the Keeper stands taller and prouder than ever, reflecting both Wichita’s cultural beginnings and aspirations.

So they said

robertsmug“Maybe the Kochs are to blame for the planes lost in the Bermuda Triangle. How about the volcanic eruption at Pompeii years back? Even, Mr. President, the futility of the Chicago Cubs.” – Sen. Pat Roberts (in photo), R-Kan., on the Senate floor last week, blasting Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., for pointing figures at the Koch brothers for climate change and California wildfires

“I kept hoping that the governor would eventually see the rationale behind getting those federal dollars. Those are our tax dollars that are going to Washington that are going to other states that are expanding coverage.” – Kansas Insurance Commissioner Sandy Praeger, lamenting Gov. Sam Brownback’s refusal to expand Medicaid as MSNBC’s “All In With Chris Hayes” examined Kansas’ sharp right turn

“It never surprises me that the most active governors have a dip in their popularity as their opponents go nuts.” – Americans for Tax Reform’s Grover Norquist, in an Associated Press article about Brownback’s low approval ratings and re-election bid

“You serve food with integrity? How about serving people with integrity?” – Rep. Tim Huelskamp, R-Fowler, tweeting about Chipotle Mexican Grill having asked its customers not to bring guns into its restaurants, which Huelskamp also said showed Chipotle’s “disdain for the 2nd Amendment”