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Sheriff’s Office shouldn’t have scheduled Muslim conspiracy theorist

What was the Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Office thinking when it scheduled John Guandolo to conduct a terrorism threat training session next week? Guandolo resigned from the FBI after it was revealed that he had a sexual relationship with a confidential source. Since then, he has been making a living peddling Muslim conspiracy theories. He has fed the idea that President Obama is a Muslim and that administration officials are helping Muslim Brotherhood agents infiltrate the U.S. government. He claimed that CIA Director John Brennan is a secret Muslim who was recruited by foreign intelligence service operatives. Guandolo bragged to The Eagle that, “I am the only one in this country doing this program or anything close to it.” That should have been a big red flag to the Sheriff’s Office.

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Skelton stood up for science regarding prairie chicken

lesserprairiechickenOn Wednesday the Sedgwick County Commission added its voice to the many others in Kansas opposing the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s recent decision to list the lesser prairie chicken as threatened, voting to send a letter to Gov. Sam Brownback endorsing legal action challenging the federal move. Commissioner Karl Peterjohn proposed the letter, which calls the federal listing “harmful to important agricultural and energy interests in Kansas,” and persuaded Commission Chairman Dave Unruh and Richard Ranzau to support sending it. But Commissioner Jim Skelton, before joining Commissioner Tim Norton in voting “no,” lashed out at the move. “There’s no way on Earth I’m going to support a letter by us supporting a bunch of politicians in Topeka that want to trump trained biologists and scientists…. It burns me up. It’s bad policymaking, and it goes against the grain of what good sportsmanship and outdoorsmanship means.”