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Now Hillary Clinton is to blame for kidnapped girls?

Pakistan USNot only are Republicans trying desperately to blame the Benghazi attack on former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, but some conservative commentators and lawmakers are now trying to blame her for the kidnapping of the Nigerian schoolgirls (which happened 14 months after she left office). Seriously. The only connection they can point to is that the State Department didn’t put Boko Haram on its list of foreign terrorist organizations until 2013. But that’s been enough fuel for what Dana Milbank of the Washington Post described as “a textbook example of the anatomy of a smear.”

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State should redo tax revenue estimates

taxrevenue“The state’s official revenue estimate no longer appears reliable and should be redone,” former state budget director Duane Goossen wrote. “At the very least, the estimators ought to reconsider the individual income tax portion of the estimate so that Kansans can have an accurate picture of state finances.” April tax collections were $93 million less than estimates, and Goossen, now a vice president at the Kansas Health Institute, said that legislators were warned that collections of individual income taxes could be off several hundred million dollars more by the end of next fiscal year. “A realistic understanding of the state’s true financial condition is at stake,” Goossen wrote.