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Open thread (May 10)


Roberts shouldn’t overstate his status as a Kansas resident

robertsleftNational political observers have taken this week’s defeats for tea party challengers in North Carolina and Ohio as more good news for senators such as Pat Roberts, who faces a similar GOP insurgent in the August primary. Leawood radiologist Milton Wolf’s latest fight to oust Roberts from the ballot over his residency seems particularly desperate, considering the senator’s high profile at events around the state and enduring support in Kansas. Still, Roberts shouldn’t overstate his status as a Kansas resident, given the recent confirmation that he owns a home in Virginia, his voter registration is at a Dodge City donor’s house and that he rents out the Dodge City duplex he owns. It’s one thing to expect Kansans to accept that, as he recently said, “I’m a fourth-generation Kansan. Your home is where your heart is, and my heart is in Kansas.” It’s another thing to claim, as he also said, “I live in Dodge City.”