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If tax revenues are off, it’s Obama’s fault?

Inaugural Swearing InIt has been almost comical to hear the shifting responses by Brownback administration officials to changes in state tax revenue collections. When the March tax collections came in higher than projected, Kansas Revenue Secretary Nick Jordan boasted about how “we’re seeing the Kansas economic engine running.” But when the April collections came in $93 million less than projections (which were made only two weeks ago), Jordan and Gov. Sam Brownback blamed President Obama and the national economy. Meanwhile, Moody’s Investors Service has downgraded Kansas’ state bonds, citing the state’s sluggish economy, budget problems and revenue reductions resulting from tax cuts. Is that Obama’s fault, too?

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Wichita has two states pulling for its passenger rail revival

unionstationHopes of one day seeing the Heartland Flyer pull into a renovated Union Station (in photo) in downtown Wichita got the biggest lift yet this week with the joint endorsement from the transportation departments of Oklahoma and Kansas. The officials are right that the extension of the Fort Worth-to-Oklahoma City Amtrak line north through Wichita and Newton would establish an “economic powerhouse of a corridor for industry and commercial business.” Wichita’s prospects for re-establishing passenger rail service depend not on words but on money, of course, so one key will be whether Wichita succeeds in its bid to win a $3 million federal transportation grant to complete environmental studies on a Heartland Flyer extension.