‘The Doctors’ critical of Wolf’s X-ray posting, jokes

Wolf,MiltonWhen “The Doctors” TV talk show devoted a few minutes Monday to how Leawood radiologist and U.S. Senate candidate Milton Wolf (in photo) posted online and joked about gruesome X-ray images in the past, they didn’t cut their fellow medical professional any slack. Jennifer Ashton, an obstetrician and gynecologist, said: “I don’t think there’s anything educational or professional or moral or ethical about making jokes in any way, shape or form about anyone’s medical condition.” Family physician Rachael Ross said: “What I sense from these comments is that he’s a jerk.” Plastic surgeon Drew Ordon added: “He needs some help. He needs some counseling.” Travis Stork, who practices emergency medicine, concluded: “Being a doctor is a privilege, it’s not a right, and how we treat patients, you know, whether they’re still alive or they’ve passed – I think it’s essential to who we are as professionals.”