School-funding plans could cost Wichita

schoolbusNot only might the Wichita school district receive little budgetary help if the state equalizes school funding, proposals in the Kansas House and Senate to help pay for that equalization by reducing transportation aid would cost USD 259 more than $1.2 million. Because local option budgets are capped, Wichita won’t be able to keep any of the additional $11.9 million it would receive if the state equalized supplemental school aid, as ordered by the Kansas Supreme Court. Unless the rules are changed – a GOP Senate plan proposes raising the cap, subject to local voters’ approval – USD 259 would have to reduce its local property taxes by $11.9 million to offset the state money. All total, of the $134 million in state aid to schools in the Senate plan, about $56 million of it would be paid for by cuts to current funding.