Rogen right to highlight apathy about Alzheimer’s

rogen,sethGood for actor Seth Rogen for not only going to Capitol Hill to help his chosen cause – more federal funding for research on Alzheimer’s disease – but also shaming senators for variously dozing through, skipping and leaving the hearing, with the notable exceptions of ranking Republican Sen. Jerry Moran of Kansas and subcommittee chairman Sen. Tom Harkin, D-Iowa. By the time Rogen spoke, Moran and Harkin were the only senators on the 18-member panel listening. “Very symbolic of how the government views Alzheimer’s. Seems to be a low priority,” Rogen later told his 1.84 million Twitter followers. Former six-term Kansas congressman Dennis Moore also testified about his own diagnosis in 2011. “Alzheimer’s is creating an enormous strain on the health care system, families and the federal budget,” Moore said. The disease cost Americans $203 billion in 2013, including $142 billion spent by Medicare and Medicaid.