Lawmaker Huelskamp snarky about lawbreaking

huelskamp,timUPDATED: U.S. Rep. Tim Huelskamp, R-Fowler, shouldn’t have decided to raffle off NCAA tickets to campaign donors without understanding that state law, according to Douglas County District Attorney Charles Branson, considers that an illegal lottery. And Huelskamp should have done better than this snarky response to Branson’s rebuke: “As a lifelong Kansas State fan, I refuse to be intimidated by a Lawrence attorney likely still reeling from the 31-10 football blowout this fall and the 85-82 overtime victory by the Wildcats just last month.” Huelskamp, who dropped the donation requirement Tuesday, later accused Branson of “prosecutorial misconduct”; the campaign said Branson told the media of his investigation before telling the campaign.