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Was court’s school ruling good news for other states?

schoolhaAn Investor’s Business Daily editorial greeted the Kansas Supreme Court’s recent ruling on school finance with a “Hallelujah!” because it said the touchstone for determining adequacy of funding wasn’t total spending but when students “meet or exceed the standards set out” under state law. “What a concept: School performance shouldn’t be based on the inputs – i.e., money – but the actual academic results,” the editorial argued. “This is, of course, how most every other industry measures progress. In private industry the goal is to do more with less. But in education we have been operating under the opposite mind-set: Do less with more money. Maybe that’s why schools are failing. They’re looking at the wrong metrics. Hopefully the courts in other states will take the logic of this latest Kansas decision to heart.”

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More school meddling: Teach how to shake hands

handshakeRep. Ward Cassidy, R-St. Francis, said he was being “somewhat facetious” when he proposed that public schools teach students how to shake hands properly. But the House overwhelmingly passed his amendment this week. “It seems like every time there’s an ill that’s in society we’re going to find some way to make schools do a better job,” said Cassidy, a former school principal. “I sort of have frustration with that on occasion.” What’s next – mandating that boys learn how to tie a tie?