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Constituents aren’t supposed to be on Senate floor

arnold,kellySenate Minority Leader Anthony Hensley, D-Topeka, questioned why Kansas Republican Party chairman Kelly Arnold (in photo) was present for the Senate’s debate on a bill to prevent pre-primary party switching. Arnold, who is also Sedgwick County clerk, told The Eagle: “I think it’s appropriate for any constituent that wants to see the legislative process to be on the Senate floor.” Actually, Senate rules dictate that someone like Arnold (who isn’t a legislator or legislative employee, elective state officer, former senator or card-carrying media member) should only be on the floor by signed invitation of a senator and the Senate president. It also says anyone violating the rule shall be ejected from the chamber and “thereafter be denied admission.” Visitors are supposed to stay in the galleries.

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On KU’s needs, Masterson thinks he knows best

candidateNo one disputes the need for more physicians in Kansas, which ranks 39th among states for doctors per capita. And University of Kansas chancellor Bernadette Gray-Little and others repeatedly have told lawmakers that a new $75 million health education building is necessary to train more physicians and maintain accreditation. Yet on Tuesday the Senate Ways and Means Committee declined to give KU what it needs to get the building under construction and open in 2017 – access to a $25 million FICA refund and $1.4 million annually from the state to help retire $15 million in bonds. (The rest of the money would be raised privately.) Committee Chairman Ty Masterson, R-Andover, seems to think he knows better than KU what KU needs. “I don’t feel the accreditation is in jeopardy,” he told the Lawrence Journal-World. He also said: “It’s just prioritization. If they want to prioritize the accreditation as a project, they have the resources to do that.”