Daily Archives: March 12, 2014

Moran has no doubt that Roberts will win primary

morannewSpeaking as both a fellow Kansas senator and chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, Sen. Jerry Moran (in photo) told the Washington Examiner this week that he has “no doubt Sen. (Pat) Roberts will be the Republican nominee come August” and suggested Roberts’ voting residency isn’t a significant issue in his race against tea party challenger Milton Wolf. “I don’t think there’s Kansans that have the sense that Sen. Roberts isn’t a Kansan or has lost touch with our state,” Moran said. In the GOP primary, Moran said, “It’s a matter of Pat being Pat – that he continues his efforts in visiting with Kansans, telling his story.”

Brownback points to welfare cuts with pride

brownbackofficialmugAsked by FoxNews.com about being criticized for hurting social services as well as education during his administration, Gov. Sam Brownback said: “What we have done here is really try to encourage work in these programs. So we’ve required people to apply to work if they’re able-bodied. And that’s reduced some of the number of people on social services. But I think most people agree that the way out of poverty isn’t a pittance from the government. It’s work, it’s education, it’s family stability. Those are the real ways out.” According to a December report by the United Community Services of Johnson County, Kansas’ Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program dropped from a monthly average of 38,963 in fiscal 2011 to 21,887 in fiscal 2013. This drop occurred during the same time the number of Kansans living in poverty was increasing.