When Roberts questioned surgeon general nominee

robertsmugThere was a moment during Tuesday’s Senate confirmation hearing for President Obama’s surgeon general nominee, Vivek Murthy, when Sen. Pat Roberts (in photo), R-Kan., suggested to the Boston physician, “with measured pride,” as Slate’s David Weigel put it, that Dodge City has some great Indian-American doctors and he ought to visit. Roberts told Murthy: “I’m going to invite you, because we have a wonderful doctor from India. She’s in her mid-30s, and she’s highly respected by the community. And another doctor from India that did my carpal tunnel when I did a stupid thing. And so, I think you’d be right at home, and we would welcome you.” Some Republicans on the panel quizzed Murthy about his comments on social media regarding the National Rifle Association and Obamacare’s contraception coverage. But his confirmation seems assured, given the controversial change in Senate rules to allow a simple majority to override filibusters on some of Obama’s nominations.