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Gruesome X-rays, jokes don’t just hurt Wolf politically

Wolf,MiltonMilton Wolf may not just be in political trouble because he posted online and joked about gruesome X-ray images. He may also be in professional trouble. Wolf, a Leawood radiologist who is challenging Sen. Pat Roberts, R-Kan., in the GOP primary, said he posted the X-rays of gunshot fatalities and medical injuries to his Facebook page “several years ago.” After the Topeka Capital-Journal reported on the postings and Wolf’s jokes about the images, Wolf apologized, calling his actions a mistake. But even if voters forgive him, the medical community might not. “Absent any legitimate educational purpose or context, this is not ethical behavior,” said Jerry Slaughter, executive director of the Kansas Medical Society.

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Another nod to Davis’ polling strength

davis,paulSabato’s Crystal Ball at the University of Virginia Center for Politics has revised the Kansas gubernatorial rating for 2014 from “Safe Republican” to “Likely Republican,” based on polling suggesting Gov. Sam Brownback might be vulnerable to Democratic challenger Paul Davis (in photo), who is the House minority leader. In Kansas, the website noted, “the centrist Republicans and Democrats will sometimes effectively work together to block the conservative Republicans” and “Brownback has governed as a staunch conservative.” Sabato’s Crystal Ball also observed that “it is surprising to check the history and see that over the past 50 years, the Sunflower State has been governed more often by a Democrat (28 of the last 50 years)” than has Massachusetts (24 of the last 50 years).

Wolf’s views gaining notice

Wolf,MiltonMother Jones introduced Leawood radiologist Milton Wolf to readers with this headline: “Obama’s Tea Party Cousin Who’s Running for Senate Compared President to Hitler,” also noting Wolf has the backing of the prominent Senate Conservatives Fund in his GOP primary challenge to Sen. Pat Roberts. The Washington Post conservative blogger Jennifer Rubin, who has bemoaned “wacky, unvetted candidates who emulate the faction of the GOP voters dislike the most,” reacted by saying it’s a good thing that “Roberts is likable and solidly conservative.” She concluded: “Kansas Republicans have a clear choice. Republicans around the country better hope they get it right, or they’ll be spending a lot of time running from Wolf.”