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Job growth slow, mostly in lower-paying jobs

jobhuntNot only is Kansas’ job growth less than the national average and less than that of surrounding states (which didn’t cut their income taxes), much of the job growth occurring in Kansas is in lower-paying jobs. “Six out of the 10 fastest-growing jobs don’t pay enough to keep a family of three out of poverty,” according to the Kansas Center for Economic Growth.

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GOP should go to court to restrain Obama

obamasotu13Republicans must do more than issue strong statements about President Obama circumventing Congress and the rule of law, columnist Cal Thomas argued. “The GOP should use the courts to at least restrain him,” Thomas wrote. “The founders foresaw the danger when a president behaves like a king.”

Ng brothers, toy loom are remarkable successes

rainbowloomCongratulations to Wichitans Choon and Yeow Ng on their Rainbow Loom being named “Toy of the Year” by the Toy Industry Association. The creation and development of the loom, which can make bracelets and other decorative items out of rubber bands, is a remarkable success story. The brothers came to Wichita from Malaysia in 1991 and worked as janitors to help pay their way through Wichita State University. After many setbacks and rejections, they were finally able to get their toy in major stores, and sales went through the roof: $55 million in retail sales in the past year.