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Kansas’ image gets another spanking

childcrying1Rep. Gail Finney, D-Wichita, says that her spanking bill is aimed at clearly defining corporal discipline so that there is no longer confusion and ambiguity about what is and isn’t allowable. But her public statements go further, suggesting that there are some defiant children who could use a spanking by their parents or school officials. And her claim that parents are having their children taken away by the state because of a swat on the bottom is not true, said Sedgwick County District Attorney Marc Bennett. Coming on the heels of the Kansas House’s attempt to justify discrimination against same-sex couples, this bill – which defines allowable spanking as “up to 10 forceful applications” that may leave “redness or bruising” – gave the national media fresh fodder for their “what’s the matter with Kansas” narrative.

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Colyer: ‘Roberts was cool before conservative was cool’

robertsleftThe heat on Sen. Pat Roberts (in photo), R-Kan., over his voting residency has stirred rumors that he might retire in favor of a “stronger candidate – potentially Lt. Gov. Jeff Colyer,” according to the Hill. Tea partier Milton Wolf has a radio ad referring to the three-term Roberts as “the senator from Virginia.” But Roberts is fighting back, including with his own radio ad mentioning Kansas 11 times. Colyer told the Hill that “Pat Roberts is running and he’s a great candidate” and disputed any suggestions of insufficient conservatism on Roberts’ part: “He was cool before conservative was cool.” Meanwhile, national radio commentator Jim Hightower weighed in on Roberts’ tea party challenge and hard right turn. “Roberts has put on his crazy pants, altered his beliefs, and is dancing like a fool with the ideologues,” Hightower said, noting he voted against the farm bill and the United Nations treaty to ban discrimination against people with disabilities. He concluded: “Come on, Pat, you’ve been in Congress for 34 years, you’re 77 years old, and you’re getting a gold-plated pension for the rest of your life. Is six more years in the Senate really worth selling out people with disabilities – not to mention selling out your own integrity?”