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Kochs, AFP pouring millions into Senate races

kochsAmericans for Prosperity is spending millions of dollars trying to shift control of the U.S. Senate. AFP, which is linked to the Koch brothers, already has spent $8.2 million on TV, radio and digital ads attacking Sen. Kay Hagan, D-N.C., Politico reported. That’s more than all Democratic outside groups have spent in every Senate race in the country combined. So far, AFP has spent about $15 million on Senate races and more than $4 million on House races. “It’s just not fair to have two folks in the country potentially determine the outcomes of these Senate races in states where they don’t even live,” said Sen. Michael Bennet, D-Colo.

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Sullivan: Kansas bill also about national GOP

gayweddingcakeThe scathing national commentary about the Kansas House’s passage of HB 2453 included a thoughtful condemnation by Andrew Sullivan, who said the bill “is premised on the notion that the most pressing injustice in Kansas right now is the persecution some religious people are allegedly experiencing at the hands of homosexuals.” Sullivan, an openly gay conservative, also wrote: “If the Republican Party wanted to demonstrate that it wants no votes from anyone under 40, it couldn’t have found a better way to do it.” And he said: “This is about Kansas, but it is also about the Republican Party. Are there any Republicans willing to oppose this new strategy? Do the GOP’s national leaders support it?”

Brownback says his fiscal agenda is working

brownbackofficialmugGov. Sam Brownback reflected on his state and his tenure so far in a New York Times article that noted he has “overseen the largest income tax cuts in state history, an expansion of gun rights, restrictions on abortion, sharply reduced welfare rolls, increased voter-registration scrutiny and a paring of state government bureaucracy.” Among the governor’s quotes:

–“We believe this is a strategy that builds a strong state in the future on the red-state model. I think we are doing this aggressively and I think you’re going to see some very good things moving forward. It’s not as if we haven’t tried the blue-state model, because we have.”

–“It’s working. I can tell you where you would’ve been had we not changed the policies. You’d be having higher unemployment, you’d continue to have out-migration in the state of Kansas. You wouldn’t have this level of job growth taking place. You would not have this number of new business formations in the state of Kansas, and you’d still have a broke state government.”

–“Here, you got a mostly rectangular state, in the middle of the country, about 3 million people, no mountains, no ocean, a lot of wind. OK, so what’s so special? But then you look at what’s happened in the history of this state, and it’s an incredible place.”