Give Docking some credit for Davis’ fast fundraising

dockingHouse Minority Leader Paul Davis, D-Lawrence, is getting attention for raising $1 million from 3,359 donors in 2013 for his challenge to Republican Gov. Sam Brownback. That’s a lot raised in just 145 days, and for a candidate with little statewide name recognition. But credit also is surely due his prominent running mate, Wichita financial adviser Jill Docking (in photo), who had passed the million-dollar mark once before: Docking spent $1.1 million in her losing 1996 Senate race against then-congressman Brownback (of a total $5.5 million officially spent on the contest to succeed Sen. Bob Dole). But after 20 years in politics, Brownback is a champion campaign fundraiser, and predictably ended 2013 with $2 million to spend from 10,000 donors.