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Give Docking some credit for Davis’ fast fundraising

dockingHouse Minority Leader Paul Davis, D-Lawrence, is getting attention for raising $1 million from 3,359 donors in 2013 for his challenge to Republican Gov. Sam Brownback. That’s a lot raised in just 145 days, and for a candidate with little statewide name recognition. But credit also is surely due his prominent running mate, Wichita financial adviser Jill Docking (in photo), who had passed the million-dollar mark once before: Docking spent $1.1 million in her losing 1996 Senate race against then-congressman Brownback (of a total $5.5 million officially spent on the contest to succeed Sen. Bob Dole). But after 20 years in politics, Brownback is a champion campaign fundraiser, and predictably ended 2013 with $2 million to spend from 10,000 donors.

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Moran says GOP needs to work on image

morannewSen. Jerry Moran, R-Kan., recently told a gathering in Waterville in Marshall County that calls to his office are about evenly split between those who want him to find compromise and those urging him “not to budge one inch,” the Marysville Advocate reported. “I actually think both segments are right,” Moran said, suggesting there are “many things we can compromise on.” Moran also advocated that his party work on its public image. “It’s not just a matter of communication. Our policies have to be beneficial to all Americans. . . . We have to get rid of the image that we care about the wealthiest compared to the everyday person. Those things are very important if you want to see a future for the Republican Party.”