So they said

Senate Race“What good? Well, you really threw me for a loop. Oh, God.” – Sen. Pat Roberts (in photo), R-Kan., when first asked by the Huffington Post to name what good happened in Congress in 2013

“There are two very different opinions and philosophies here on the part of Republicans and Democrats, but we can occasionally build a bridge. And we’ll keep doing it in spite of 2014, which happens to be an even-numbered year, and you know what happens then.” – Roberts again, expanding on his answer

“The governor’s poll numbers show that Kansans are not happy with what he is doing.” – Rochelle Chronister of Traditional Republicans for Common Sense, a group of former state legislators working against Sam Brownback’s re-election

“They are a sour grapes caucus.” – Clay Barker, executive director of the Kansas Republican Party, about Chronister’s group