Roberts isn’t conservative enough for Ryun

ryunjimSen. Pat Roberts, R-Kan., long ago locked in the 2014 endorsements of the state’s GOP officeholders. But it made news in the political world last week when former Kansas congressman Jim Ryun (in photo) effectively endorsed Roberts’ tea party challenger, Milton Wolf, via the conservative group Ryun now heads, the Madison Project. Ryun issued a statement praising Wolf, a Leawood radiologist and distant cousin of President Obama, for a “command of the issues and a dedication to conservative values that is lacking among most individuals in Washington,” adding that the Senate needs “fewer career politicians and more citizen leaders.” But Heritage Action ranked Roberts as the fifth most conservator senator, and he has an 86 percent lifetime rating with the American Conservative Union. “Some of our friends out there are getting a bit out of hand,” Al Cardenas, chairman of the American Conservative Union, told the Washington Times of Wolf’s challenge to Roberts.