New WSU dorm tops state for room-and-board cost

collegetuitionWichita State University’s new dormitory, which opens next fall, will have the highest room-and-board rate of any dorm at the state’s public universities – by far. But it also should be a lot nicer. The rate for two shared bedrooms and one bath with a 15-meals-a-week plan and $300 in “Shocker Dollars” will be $10,164 per year. The room-and-board rates next year for the other state schools, which the Kansas Board of Regents also approved last week, are $7,910 at Kansas State University, $7,896 at the University of Kansas, $7,280 at Fort Hays State University, $7,034 at Emporia State University and $6,936 at Pittsburg State University. The average room-and-board charge for public universities in the Midwest is $8,737. WSU president John Bardo has said that the rate for the new dorm is comparable to what other universities charge for new facilities.