Mayor’s apology didn’t walk back concerns

brewer,carlMayor Carl Brewer’s spoken and written apologies to city staff this week came across as reflecting the holiday spirit as well as his regret for hurt feelings he’d caused with some recent comments. In clarifying what may have seemed like a sweeping indictment of city employees for several missteps, Brewer also made a special point of praising City Manager Robert Layton. “I have full faith and confidence in his ability to continue to lead us,” Brewer said in the written message. But it’s significant that the mayor didn’t walk back his stated concerns, which had been seconded and expanded upon by several fellow City Council members in a Dec. 8 Eagle article. Certain matters related to water, downtown and economic development could have been handled with greater care this year – a fact that could complicate the city’s challenges next year, especially if it asks voters to approve a sales-tax hike.