Iowa likes Ryan, Clinton, corn

ryan,paulMost of the headlines generated about the new Iowa Poll concerned the top contenders it identified for the 2016 presidential race: Wisconsin congressman Paul Ryan (in photo) for the Republicans and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for the Democrats. But the poll, conducted for the Des Moines Register, also delivered a strong endorsement for a state food, should Iowa ever need one: 44 percent chose corn on the cob, which was followed by pork chops (16 percent) and the pork tenderloin sandwich (11 percent). Consensus was also strong on the question of what should never become the state food of Iowa. Of the 650 respondents, 35 percent answered Jell-O and 19 percent nixed the corndog. Kansas doesn’t have an official state food, either, though cases could be made for the edibility of the state flower (sunflower seeds) and state animal (American buffalo) as well as for honey (the state insect is the honeybee).