Arts won seat at table on Century II planning

century2bWhen the Wichita City Council voted unanimously Tuesday to proceed with a design and planning study of Century II, a formal $30,000 to $50,000 consideration of the performing arts’ needs and potential was included. That was appropriate – and a relief after the initial push for a study mostly focused on facility improvements that could bolster Wichita as a convention market. In addressing the council, Music Theatre of Wichita producing artistic director Wayne Bryan noted that quality-of-life issues are an important part of planning Wichita’s future. He also confirmed that Century II’s arts tenants draw more than locals; for example, Music Theatre’s 75,000 attendees over a summer include about 15,000 from out of town and even season ticket holders from Colorado, Arkansas and Oklahoma. “Maybe some of them have private planes. I don’t know, but they show up every two weeks in the summer to come see the shows,” Bryan said.