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Impact of state tax cuts will be hard to measure

taxrevenueNot only are the state tax cuts not acting like “a shot of adrenaline to the heart” of the Kansas economy, as Gov. Sam Brownback promised, it will be difficult to tell what effect the changes will make, the Lawrence Journal-World reported. We’ll never know “for sure whether Kansas specifically experienced significant gains as a result of this policy,” Justin Ross, an assistant professor at Indiana University, said at a recent conference at the University of Kansas. That’s because there are numerous factors that affect the economy, and the impact of the tax changes can’t be isolated. However, it is clear that the tax cuts are causing a large drop in state revenue – estimated to total about $3.8 billion over six years.

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State needs more transparency on corporate subsidies

shhhhKansas is one of only five states – along with Arkansas, Delaware, Idaho and Mississippi – that don’t put any corporate subsidy recipient data on the Internet, the Topeka Capital-Journal reported. Obtaining this information requires filing open-records requests and paying fees, sometimes hundreds of dollars. Randy Brown, executive director of the Kansas Sunshine Coalition for Open Government and a former editorial page editor at The Eagle, said that putting the information online would save time in processing open-records request and build trust with the public. “I don’t understand what government officials are afraid of in not putting this stuff out there,” Brown said.