Schodorf criticizing proof-of-citizenship law she voted for

Jean Schodorf, the Wichita Republican turned Democrat who is challenging Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, is making her signature issue the 17,000-plus voter registrations “in suspense” because of the law requiring proof of citizenship to register – and no wonder. It’s appalling that so many would-be voters are being blocked by the new document requirement, and that Kobach is so unconcerned about the problem. But Schodorf has a less-than-clear message to convey about the law, which she voted for as a state senator. “My constituents wanted it. I don’t like the bill. I voted for my constituents,” she told Associated Press. Another bit of confusing nuance, as noted by AP’s John Hanna: “Schodorf said she’d support efforts by legislators to repeal the law, but she also said that she’d work to make its administration go more smoothly.”