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Open thread (Nov. 17)

open thread

Will cash reserves run out before economy takes off?

emptypocket“A lot of economists have said that five years is really the time that it takes to have a full and accurate and complete understanding of the impact,” Jon Hummell, Gov. Sam Brownback’s acting budget director, said about the state’s income tax cuts. But does the state have enough cash reserves to make it until then? Former state budget director Duane Goossen noted that the state expects to take in $5.856 billion in revenue this fiscal year but has an approved general fund budget of $5.964 billion, or a $108 million deficit. Next fiscal year, the Kansas Legislative Research Department estimates that the deficit spending will total $204 million. If spending and revenue rates continue, the state will run out of cash reserves within four years. Better-than-projected revenue growth could delay or avoid these shortfalls. Then again, the estimates don’t count any additional education spending that might be necessary due to the school-funding lawsuit.

Well done on successful United Way campaign

Congratulations to the United Way of the Plains for raising $15.6 million in its fall campaign. Some thought the campaign goal of $15.4 million was a stretch, given local layoffs and Boeing’s pullout of Wichita. But United Way officials and campaign chairman Scott Ernest, president and CEO of Cessna Aircraft, Co., had faith that this community would step up. They were correct. Thanks to the generosity of many, United Way will be able to help at least 37 different agencies serving in this community. Well done, everyone.

Dubious, bogus and utterly phony headlines

SPOOFSLOGOThe following satirical headlines come from borowitzreport.com and theonion.com:

Sebelius Admits She Has Never Actually Gotten on Healthcare.gov

GOP Unveils Own Health Care Website, EmergencyRoom.gov

NASA: ‘We Will Have A Mass Shooting On The Moon By 2055’

CEO Worked Way Up From Son Of CEO

Salivating Andy Reid Still Chasing Perfect Seasoning