Daily Archives: Nov. 8, 2013

‘Shot of adrenaline’ isn’t working yet

Forecasts of reduced tax revenue indicate that the state’s massive income-tax cuts aren’t yet acting like “a shot of adrenaline to the heart” of the Kansas economy, as Gov. Sam Brownback promised, our Friday editorial noted. And in other bad news for the administration, more than 50 Kansas counties are suing the state over millions of dollars in oil and gas taxes. Lawmakers have said that they will work to make sure the counties are paid in full. But Brownback officials are unlikely to release the money without a fight – especially if the state tax collections continue to disappoint.

Open thread (Nov. 8)

Common Core meetings should include tinfoil hats

Americans for Properity-Kansas has joined forces with conspiracy theorists in opposing the new Common Core education standards. The anti-tax group held meetings this week, including one Tuesday in Wichita, in which an “expert education panel” discussed the new standards, which Kansas adopted in 2010. One panelist claimed that the federal government wants to hook up children to machines that measure data about their mindsets, the Topeka Capital-Journal reported. The leader of AFP’s Shawnee County chapter compared Common Core to the 1973 film “Soylent Green,” in which an authoritarian government secretly processes dead people into food. “That’s where we’re headed, folks,” he said. There’s a good debate to be had about our education system’s emphasis on standardized testing and whether the arts and creativity are being squeezed out. But those thoughtful concerns aren’t as motivating as claiming President Obama wants to take over schools and turn our kids into worker bees.