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Cuccinelli’s loss a reason to push harder?

Even as some pointed to Ken Cuccinelli’s loss of the Virginia gubernatorial race as a signal that tea partiers should moderate their extremism, Leawood radiologist Milton Wolf (in photo) lashed out at “surrender Republicans” in a USA Today commentary and called for conservatives to push harder. “This fight for the heart and soul of the Republican Party is not just about winning elections,” Wolf wrote. “It is about saving America.” Wolf, a cousin of President Obama, is challenging Sen. Pat Roberts, R-Kan., in the GOP primary next year.

Open thread (Nov. 7)

Schodorf criticizing proof-of-citizenship law she voted for

Jean Schodorf, the Wichita Republican turned Democrat who is challenging Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, is making her signature issue the 17,000-plus voter registrations “in suspense” because of the law requiring proof of citizenship to register – and no wonder. It’s appalling that so many would-be voters are being blocked by the new document requirement, and that Kobach is so unconcerned about the problem. But Schodorf has a less-than-clear message to convey about the law, which she voted for as a state senator. “My constituents wanted it. I don’t like the bill. I voted for my constituents,” she told Associated Press. Another bit of confusing nuance, as noted by AP’s John Hanna: “Schodorf said she’d support efforts by legislators to repeal the law, but she also said that she’d work to make its administration go more smoothly.”