Daily Archives: Nov. 4, 2013

AFP coming to a local election near you?

Americans for Prosperity, the free-market group founded by Charles and David Koch, has been focusing more of its attention and money lately on state elections. Now it is inserting itself into local elections. AFP has been aggressively campaigning in Tuesday’s mayoral and city council elections in Coralville, Iowa, a town with fewer than 20,000 residents, the New York Times reported. Why AFP cares in unclear. AFP is criticizing the city’s debt and economic development strategy. A Democratic state representative from Coralville thinks that AFP officials are “doing whatever groundwork they can for the 2014 elections.”

Open thread (Nov. 4)

Brownback defends policies toward the poor

Gov. Sam Brownback defended his administration’s policies toward the poor in an article in Governing magazine. “Instead of focusing on spending more money on a system that creates dependency, we need to reform our welfare system to provide the opportunity for people to learn the skills to be self-sufficient,” he said. But others noted that telling people to get a job isn’t helpful if jobs aren’t available. Kansas City, Kan., Mayor Mark Holland suggested that Brownback’s policies are contrary to biblical values, such as Matthew 25: “I was hungry, and you cut my food stamps. I was sick, and you refused to expand Medicaid.”

Kobach doesn’t want GOP to ‘water down’ message

“I do think there’s definitely a battle for the soul of the Republican Party right now,” Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach said in a Politico article about how he is shifting his focus from immigration issues to states’ rights. He said that some high-profile Republicans are advocating a more watered-down version of policy on the theory that the party will have better chances in the elections. “I just completely disagree with that,” he said. Kobach also acknowledged that his state office raises the profile of his side business of writing and defending laws in other states. “Being secretary of state has allowed me to pursue the restoration of the proper constitutional role of the states, and that goes beyond just elections and business filings,” Kobach said. Critics said that Kobach has a losing record on immigration issues and that he is now searching for other issues to ride to prominence.