Washington Post lashes out at Kansas’ two-tiered voting plan

The Washington Post editorial board denounced GOP officials in Kansas and Arizona for “harking back to the days of Jim Crow” by moving to “adopt a two-tiered voting system, the effect of which would be to disenfranchise thousands of voters.” Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach seeks to skirt the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision barring states from requiring proof of citizenship for voter registration; he has proposed that those who register in Kansas using the federal form, which only requires people to swear they are citizens, could only vote in congressional or presidential elections. The Post editorialized that would create a “costly bureaucratic mess, requiring reams of new ballots specific to individual localities.” The editorial concluded that the GOP’s real game is not preventing voter fraud but engaging in “voter suppression, particularly aimed at Hispanics, whom the Republicans never tire of antagonizing. In the short run, this may work in some state or local elections; conceivably, it may even swing some races into the Republican column. In the medium to long term, it is folly. Minorities, whose numbers are growing, will see the GOP’s gambit for what it is: an attempt to deprive them of political clout and subvert democracy in the process.”