‘SNL’ sends up Sebelius

Making her time in the political hot seat complete, former Gov. Kathleen Sebelius (in photo) got the “Saturday Night Live” treatment over the weekend. Cast member Kate McKinnon opened the show as the health and human services secretary, offering “friendly tips” to deal with the Obamacare website’s technical woes. “Have you tried restarting your computer?” she asked, also suggesting enrollees sign up in Icelandic or another language. “Sebelius” also endorsed the site’s “helpful” links (including to “doctor-themed pornographic websites”) and “frequently asked questions” page, including “How have I been on the same page for three hours?” and “Does Obamacare cover mental health issues caused by using this website?” Before being interrupted by her own ill-timed glitch, she said: “So enjoy your new health care system, America, and be sure to ‘like’ us on Facebook. Oh, look at that. We’re already up to three ‘likes.’”