Pro-con: Should Kathleen Sebelius be fired?

Every day brings new stories of the Obamacare site’s near-complete unworkability, while the Obama administration responds with fantastic don’t-be-concerned counterclaims. Huge problems are downplayed, and brazen promises are made that the behemoth program’s complex and convoluted software will be quickly and easily fixed. Baloney. Most Americans, especially those most in need of health care right now, don’t believe the excuses and promises. They never believed in Obamacare. And now they know it isn’t working. Any corporate executive charged with launching a product that flopped this spectacularly would be held accountable and fired. That’s exactly what has to happen to Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius. She has to go. Now. Join us in calling for the president to hold Sebelius accountable for her gross incompetence and her misspending of taxpayers’ billions. – National Review

Just as the website is not the Affordable Care Act, so ending Sebelius’ tenure at HHS is not the same thing as fixing the problems. And while it’s tempting perhaps even for Democrats to agree that new blood at HHS can only help, there are two things you need to keep in mind: Republicans are in no way interested in actually fixing or replacing Sebelius. As the announcement of Rand Paul’s “hold” on the nomination of Janet Yellen to chair the Federal Reserve should remind you, the more likely strategy here is that Republicans will attempt to block the nomination of any replacement at HHS. That keeps the agency leaderless at a critical moment, and prolongs the exploitable life span of the website issue. No, collecting Sebelius’ scalp won’t make the website work right. But it will give Republicans a chance to try to cripple HHS – and who knows how many of its programs that might require secretary-level reports, approvals and other determinations – causing even more disruptions, which they can then attack as “failures” of the Obama administration. – David Waldman, Daily Kos