People wanted to make things right for veteran

The Veterans Affairs system is supposed to ensure that those who risk life and limb defending their fellow Americans do not face financial ruin once they return home. So it was heartbreaking to read in the Sunday Eagle about the foreclosure worries of 44-year-old Wellington homeowner Jerrod Hays, who was severely wounded serving in Iraq in 2007 with the Kansas National Guard and called the prospects of losing his home “worse than getting blown up.” The Eagle’s reporting brought an outpouring of concern and offers to help Hays and his family. And this week Hays learned that the VA had approved him for 100 percent disability status, which will boost his income, and that his mortgage lender is working with him on a solution. Hays’ story and its public reception confirm the willingness of people to step up to help make things right for our veterans. But what about all the others whose stories are going untold? The VA system needs to reliable for them, too.