Obama more popular than Brownback, Roberts?

For what it’s worth – and GOP defenders of Gov. Sam Brownback would be quick to say “zip” – a new SurveyUSA poll finds that the governor is less popular than President Obama in Kansas. The survey, sponsored by KWCH, Channel 12 in Wichita, put Obama’s approval rating in the state at 38 percent, the same as in July 2012. Meanwhile, 34 percent said they approve of Brownback’s performance, 2 percentage points less than in July 2012; the number of those who disapprove of the job he’s doing has risen by 11 percentage points since then, to 59 percent. Approval numbers are way down for Sen. Pat Roberts (36 percent) and Sen. Jerry Moran (39 percent), suggesting the shutdown war in Washington, D.C., may have soured Kansans about politicians generally. EDITOR’S NOTE: Some percentages in this post were changed Thursday morning in response to updated SurveyUSA results. The headline was also changed to reflect a newly lowered approval number for Obama.