So they said

“I’m in a very strong position. But I’m not taking anything lightly. Marines don’t do that. They take the hill.” – Sen. Pat Roberts (in photo), R-Kan., when asked by Politico about a potential GOP primary challenge from radiologist Milton Wolf, who is a distant cousin of President Obama

“Whereas advocates for this legislation like Montana U.S. Sen. (Max) Baucus have recently described this legislation as a ‘train wreck’….” – from a resolution passed 4-0 last week by the Sedgwick County Commission condemning the Affordable Care Act

“This is not going to be a train wreck.” – Nanette Foster Reilly, the senior official in the four-state regional office of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, in a meeting on the ACA with The Eagle editorial board

“It doesn’t seem that there’s any end in sight for this problem.” – Rep. Brandon Whipple, D-Wichita, at a legislative briefing related to the nearly 17,000 wannabe voters whose registrations are on hold until they provide citizenship documentation