3rd District should leave 4th District congressman alone

When the Kansas GOP central committee considered policy resolutions last weekend, it had the good sense to reject one “opposing Congressman Mike Pompeo’s (in photo) posture regarding Syria” and advocating “that the United States should not conduct a military action against Syria at this time.” Kansas Republican Party chairman Kelly Arnold told The Eagle editorial board that the resolution was proposed and supported by committee members from the 3rd Congressional District and “almost unanimously voted down by the committee.” Arnold, also Sedgwick County clerk, said there was push-back over the 3rd District trying to tell the 4th District what to do with its congressman and because of the postponement of Congress’ vote on any resolution authorizing airstrikes in Syria. Plus, Arnold said, Pompeo’s seat on the House Intelligence Committee gives him access to classified information unavailable to the rest of us. “When Congressman Pompeo shows support for authorizing a resolution for this, I like to trust his judgment because he has a lot more knowledge than I do or anybody else does,” Arnold said.