Daily Archives: Sept. 18, 2013

Most Americans have not earned ‘war-weariness’

Eliot A. Cohen objects to the overuse of “war-weariness” to describe many Americans’ reluctance to see the U.S. military to engage in Syria. “The families of the fallen are entitled to war-weariness,” Cohen wrote. “So are those wounded in body or spirit, and their loved ones. The mother who has sent her son to war has a right to war-weariness, as does the father who prepares to send his daughter to battle again and again. But for the great mass of the American public, for their leaders and the elites who shape public opinion, ‘war-weariness’ is unearned cant, unworthy of a serious nation and dangerous in a violent world.”

Blame Legislature if Comcare newly welcomes guns

Sedgwick County’s plan to open many more of its buildings to concealed handguns comes as no surprise, given the cost of doing otherwise under an intrusive new state law requiring public entities to allow guns in buildings that do not have “adequate security measures” such as metal detectors and armed guards. But it’s sobering that the proposal calls for Comcare, the county’s mental health agency, to allow concealed-carry permit holders to bring guns to its facilities. Maybe creating “additional stress or barriers for people walking in the door to get help just didn’t make sense,” as County Manager William Buchanan put it. But it would have made even more sense if lawmakers had heeded public safety concerns and permanently exempted community mental health centers statewide.

Welcome back, ‘St. Joe’

While The Eagle and other media have gamely tried to keep up with a series of name changes over the past 18 years, many people have never stopped referring to the Via Christi Hospital north of downtown as “St. Francis” and the one on East Harry as “St. Joseph” or “St. Joe.” Praise is due the current leaders at Via Christi Health for accepting that branding, as well as the nonprofit company’s proud roots and ties to the Sisters of the Sorrowful Mother and the Sisters of St. Joseph of Wichita. Last week CEO Jeff Korsmo (in photo) announced that Via Christi Health had officially settled on the name Via Christi Hospital St. Joseph, as well as the names Via Christi Hospital St. Francis and Via Christi Hospital St. Teresa for the other hospital campuses.