Daily Archives: Sept. 14, 2013

Extra funding will help reduce waiting lists

Good for Gov. Sam Brownback for releasing $37 million in funding to help reduce waiting lists for in-home services for the disabled. In a particularly mean-spirited move, the Legislature tried to silence advocacy groups by making the extra funding conditional on the inclusion of the long-term care of Kansans with intellectual and developmental disabilities within KanCare, the state’s new privately managed Medicaid program. Because KanCare won’t take over I/DD management until Jan. 1, state officials weren’t going to release the funding until then. But after being pressed by advocates, Brownback agreed to go ahead and release the money, which is expected to reduce the number of people on the waiting lists by about 13 percent over the next two years.

Stegall’s confirmation vote could have waited

So the Legislature’s special session didn’t further the Kansas Court of Appeals’ work after all. That’s disappointing. Playing its new role in judicial selection, the Kansas Senate was supposed to vote on whether to confirm Caleb Stegall’s nomination to the new 14th seat on the court when the new session begins in January. But the special session earlier this month meant the Senate was legally required to consider the nomination then. Then Kansans learned Wednesday that budgetary and remodeling issues will delay Stegall’s swearing-in until Jan. 3 anyway.